After 30 years in the business of providing marking products to the motor industry and a wide range of other customers, we turned our attention to creating a range of solutions designed specifically for the glass industry. Our aim is to provide the industry with sound alternatives to current marking processes, to help it achieve compliance with relevant marking standards. We believe these alternatives make good business sense by not only providing techniques that improve clarity and reduce application time but which can also, if required, provide within each mark, a cradle to grave audit trail.

At the top end of these alternative solutions are our mobile and floor mounted, direct to glass, laser marking units that have been developed by our in-house engineers. The computer driven application process delivers a mark of great clarity, including complex designs, in less than a second. There are currently three models, the profile of each having been based on input received from those working in the industry. However, we realise from experience gained during the last two years, that we do not have a solution to fit every requirement. As a result, we welcome opportunities to discuss with potential customers the possibility of modifying any of the three units in order to provide them with a bespoke system.

The second alternative involves our glass marking fluid, made to a unique formula invented many years ago by one of the company’s founding members. This fluid is safe to handle and over the years has been used with our laser cut vinyl stencils to mark the windows of over 13 million vehicles of all makes and models. This method continues to be used by 12 vehicle manufacturers/importers to protect their UK brands. Vinyl stencils can be supplied in singles, or on rolls; the application process takes between 20 and 40 seconds and marks achieved are as clear as those produced by the lasers.

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